Resources for Services during Coronavirus Pandemic when Public Services are held

Resources  for worship at our church

The supply and use of Hymn Books, Service Books or Bibles to the congregation is currently not available due to Covid 19 limitations. However leaders of worship will continue to use each and all of these where appropriate for services with extensive use of our Audio and Visual equipment being made during services to enable everyone to participate. 

Hymn Books:       Singing the Faith  (Now Hymn Book of preference)                     
                              Songs of Fellowship 1-4 combined edition.
                              (Hymns & Psalms can be made available)

Other Books:       Methodist Worship Book
Bible:                   Some Pew Bibles (NIV Translation)

Sound & Vision:  Sound system throughout the church with Loop system.
                              2 x Radio Lapel/Head microphones,
2 x Hand held radio microphones & lectern microphone

                              3 x 65" Screens mounted around the Church Balcony allow for full visual display for the congregation
Powerpoint Projection available, with CD playback facility available through sound system and DVD playback on the screens

Readers :             One Reader available every Sunday
Notices:               Weekly notice sheet including order of service. - currently no physical paper notices available furing the service
Offertory:            Collection plates will be available at the end of the service and placed at the exit from the church.

After Service:     Tea & Coffee served in Wesley Hall after the service - currently not available

Contact:              Preacher contacted week to 10 days before the service


Use Contact Us page if further assistance and information required.




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