Resources for Worship

Resources  for worship at our church

Currently Hymn Books, Bibles & Service Books are not available for the use of the congregation
Hymn Books: Singing the Faith  (Now Hymn Book of preference) - 
                       Songs of Fellowship 1-4 combined edition.
                       (Hymns & Psalms can be made available)

Other Books:     Methodist Worship Book
Some Pew Bibles (NIV Translation)

Sound & Vision: Extensive  Sound system throughout the church with Loop system.
                          2 x Radio Lapel/Head microphones,
2 x Hand held radio microphones & lectern microphone
                          2 x Free Standing microphones

Powerpoint Projection available, DVD and CD playback facility available through
                          our Audion Visual system

Readers :        One available every Sunday
Notices:          Weekly notice sheet including order of service - currently not available.
Offertory:        Offeratory Plate will be available at the end of the service as congregation exit the church

After Service:   Tea & Coffee served in Wesley Hall after the service - currently not available

Contact:          Preacher contacted week to 10 days before the service


Use Contact Us page if further assistance and information required.


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