Evergreen Fellowship Programme

The Evergreen Fellowship
Newbury Methodist Church (Wesley Hall)
2.30pm - 4.00pm

8th January        Buzz - Mike Schofield
22nd January     A visit to Moscow - Rosie Greenhalgh
12th February    Lunch at Fairclose (12.30pm)
26th February    Ash Wednesday & Lent  - Karen & Muriel
11th March        Gentle Seated Exercise - Chris Treacher
25th March        Flower Arranging - Barbara West
8th April             Holy Week Thoughts - Rev Peter Bennett
22nd April          A Ball of Fluff with a Purpose! - Jenny Eaton , Gide Dogs for the Blind
13th May           Table Talk - Karen Frost
27th May           Surprise ! - Muriel Wood


If you require transport contact Karen on 07444 851606
or email: pastoraldevelopmentworker@outlook.com

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