Our Minister - Peter Bennett

I was born and raised in Coventry before moving to Chippenham in Wiltshire where I worked for a number of years in an engineering company and met and married Chris.  I trained for ministry in Bristol before moving to Somerset to live in Castle Cary.  Following 5 years in Somerset we moved to Abingdon where I worked with 3 varied churches including one which was a partnership of denominations working together.  In August 2015 we moved to Newbury to work with churches in this area.
As well as preaching and teaching from the Bible my desire is to encourage and release everyone to share in the ministry that we are all given from God and to see every church sharing the Good News of hope and purpose to be found in Jesus Christ.
I enjoy walking in the countryside, bird watching and am interested in history.
If I can be of any help or you would like to know more about the Christian faith I can be contacted on 
Email: minister@newburymethodistchurch.org.uk

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