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We aim to serve God daily through praise, prayer and friendship.

 To offer hope, direction and purpose by sharing the love of Jesus Christ within our community.

December 2017

The shops have been full of Christmas cards and 'useful ' Christmas presents for quite a long time now. Television adverts show us special foodstuffs imploring us to buy to make sure we have enough to eat over the festive period and it seems that bottles of wine and canned beer will be in demand during that time.

I can only say that the Christmas spirit (in either sense) does not reach me in November or early December. I catch a glimpse of it at our church carol service, but for me Christmas begins when I switch on the radio or television on Christmas Eve and hear the first notes of 'Once in royal David's city' broadcast from Kings College Cambridge.

I hear the wonderful story told from the beginning, Adam and Eve, through the history of the prophets of and nation until we reach the story of a young homeless couple whose baby is born amid animals in a barn.

When does your Christmas begin?

                                                    Jean Frost